Lucas Ferrer de Robles

Lucas is one of Statim’s founding partners.  He is a member of  the Ilustre Colegio de la Abogacía de Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association) and develops his practice mainly in the areas of sports law, arbitration, and TMT

His experience in the sports field encompasses, in the broadest possible way, all kinds of contentious and non-contentious matters, at the national and, above all, international level. He regularly advises clubs, agents and athletes on transfer operations, and contracts pertaining to labor, image rights commercialization, intermediation, and sponsorship, among others, as well as on disciplinary, doping and regulatory compliance issues. Lucas also represents these clients in sports federation proceedings and arbitrations before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS), a court in which he also served as counsel for more than 4 years and in which he participated in more than 400 international arbitration proceedings. One of the more important specializations in his practice is the handling of complex procedural matters of a sporting nature, especially multijurisdictional conflicts, either directing or coordinating the clients’ defenses across the various jurisdictions involved in the dispute or representing clients in any of them.

He also provides his services to international federations and leagues in, among others, regulatory, contractual, disciplinary, and audiovisual rights matters, and defends the interests of said entities in all types of proceedings before sports courts. Furthermore, he represents various stakeholders in the sports industry in legal proceedings before the Spanish courts and in national and international commercial arbitrations concerning sports matters.

On the other hand, Lucas has extensive experience in resolving disputes of a sporting nature, as an arbitrator or member of dispute resolution chambers for sports entities. He is an arbitrator for Sport Resolutions, the EBDRC Board (Euroleague Dispute Resolution Chamber) and a member of the World Athletics Disciplinary Court. He has also participated as an arbitrator in the 35th edition of the America’s Cup (sailing) and in the ad hoc chambers of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup and the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup (tennis).

Also of note is his work as author, editor, and coordinator in several important written works in the sports sector, as well as his time as a teacher and director in some of the most relevant sports law academic programs worldwide.

Lucas has been recognized for his work by legal directories such as Chambers & Partners, Who's Who Legal, and Best Lawyers.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • LL.M. Honoris Causa in International Sports Law, Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia 

Teaching Engagements

Lucas teaches in various master’s degree programs and specialized courses, such as the FIFA Diploma in Sports Law, the UEFA Football Legal Program, the Master’s in Sports Law at the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid-Universidad Europea, the Master’s in Law Applied to Professional Football at LaLiga, the International Sports Law Program at SSBM in Geneva, Switzerland, and the International Sports Law Masters at ESADE.

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